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Hello One and All

thought i would say hello............


Currently living in the Bristol but left my heart back up north

Been Made redundant recently as a concept artist and finding it tough to get another job, simply because everyone else is younger, faster and better than me!


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Hi there

Welcome to the Graphic Design Forum, good to have you on board.

Hope you find a job soon, tough for everyone at the moment, got a few members on here from Bristol...maybe discuss with them about job/work opportunities local to you.




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I must be honest when I went past and saw the queues it put me right off. I'm not that massive a fan anyway so I'm buggered if I'm queueing for that length of time . I think there is an original 'banksy' on the cycle path near my house and that's free to look at. Mind you it's only his name


Good luck.

Just like to say good luck and I hope you find something. I know what it's like and it's not fun. I got a job I adored. Few months later 2 of us had to go because of the credit crunch.

Just wanted to wish you all the best :icon_biggrin: