New and in search of advice


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Hey just new to this forum.

I have just recently returned traveling from australia. I graduated last year in Graphic Design and had been working part time for a year with a company before I left. Having had the most amazing year in Australia, Ive returned home to this awful recession, where there seems to be hee haw jobs in general never mind Graphic Design. However I have managed to get myself an interview for an agency in Glasgow. Now being away from design, I realised how much I missed it, and Im so eager to get back into it. But this interview is really making me nervous. I wonder if I have missed any big things in the design world and whats been going on in the past year? so if anyone has any feedback on great design in the past year, or any tips on interviews etc I would more than to hear all about it!



I'm in the same boat actually. Just got back from Australia myself! All I can say for advice is make your portfolio rock solid and just keep plugging away till you get that job. If you know your role you'll get there eventually. I also contacted a load of CV writing companies for a free review of my CV. You need to spend a helluva lot of time writing this out properly. If you have your Portfolio and CV tight just be confident in your interview, research up on the company a bit and have a few questions ready. Keen and confident. A friend of mine even taught me to be a bit arrogant, or should I say self-assured! In his interview they asked him if he had any questions, he just said "When do I start?". They thought he was a bit cheeky but liked him so much they gave him the job!