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Hi everyone!

I really need some help here.I am a photographer and recently got interested in graphics design (print, publishing, fashion oriantated).Now I am in search for a right course.I would really appreciate if you could share some life expirience here.

What I am looking for:

I Something to match my lyfestyle.Currently I work ALL DAY 5 days a week.My days off are flexible so I can have any two days off in a week.Realisticaly I am looking for parti-time, distance, or selfstudy course. (last two prefered)

II Something practical.I am looking for a project based course, something with practical expirience.Just reading a theory book with no real tasks in it leaves me with an empty head and headache.

III Something recognised by employers and preferably recognised in US. I have done a CompTIA A+ IT Technician certification in past which led me ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE.Yes I can maintain and build pc systems but employers just dont want it.So I dont whant to do same mistake twice.

IV Finance. I am really tight on budget cause recently bought some pieces of my photography kit and i am still paying off for it.

V Location - London.

VI Enrolling. Originally I am from Russia so my school sertificates are equal to 3 AS Levels and none of them are arts related.From expiriences I ve just done some simple retouching on my photos.So not much....

Options I am considering:

1) Adobe Certification. Pros: Affordable, matches lifestyle,project based. Cons: Cant find feedback from people who done that certification, so I am bit worried and dont want a cat in a bag.

2) Open University BSc Computing and design ( B44 - BSc (Honours) Computing and Design - Open University qualification )
Pros: Matches lyfestyle, Affordable
Cons: Seems to be more IT orientated, To much theory, no practice what so ever
3)Birkbeck: Foundation degree Media and Business Applications
( Media and Business Applications (Foundation Degree) - January 2010 start - 2009/2010 entry (part-time study) - Birkbeck, University of London )
Pros: Matches lifestyle,Recognised qualification,Not too long course
Cons: Seems to b more Web design orientated, a bit expensive for now.
I would really really really appreciate if you could give some life expirience based advice and/or comment on my options.Thank you!!!
I wouldn't bother with the adobe certified course...thats a waste of your time and money. Sounds like you need some sort of art foundation course to start with to learn some stuff, get some experience and build a bit of a portfolio in order to get onto a higher level course (degree level.) If you've no portfolio, and no arts related qualifications, it's unlikely you will be accepted onto a degree course just yet. Enquire at your local adult college and they should be able to help a foundation course will be much cheaper than a degree course plus you get time to decide if it's really for you (the three year degree).
Yeah. To be honest I am more looking towards Birkbeck Foundation Degree in Media.And I have a bit of time to do some self studies, and save money for it.
Any particular institutions or courses you would suggest ??? It is print and fashion design orientated courses I am ideally looking for.
Any particular institutions or courses you would suggest ??? It is print and fashion design orientated courses I am ideally looking for.

I wish i could help with that one, but I'm not familiar with London Colleges. What about the London college of fashion?
Future is in game development and 3D animations. Today's highest paid people in design industry are in this industry, if you go down this route, it goes direct in to 3D animated movies, which is future.. I am personally looking to get some training in this...

The only institute I so far found teaching this is SAE

Just my 2p of input.