Need some assignment feedback, please!


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Hello everyone,

I'm currently working through a graphic design certification and I have been asked to get some feedback on my work. If you have a few minutes spare, I'd really appreciate if you could have a look and provide any useful feedback. The assignment brief asks for people to answer these specific questions:

1. Do you think the graphic visually communicates the student’s objective?

2. Is the poster's concept legible and able to stand on it’s own as a self-contained system?

3. In your opinion has the student used design elements and principles successfully to unify the system?

4. Do you think the designer has successfully communicated his/her overall goal or objective?

5. What suggestions would you offer the student to improve their work?

6. Did you find the students work relevant in today’s market place and up to industry standard?

Thank you to anyone who is able to help, I really appreciate your time!



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@riashimo01 What age of student are we looking at? The reason I ask is because it will determine the level of work we would be expecting from the student.