Need simple yet effective logo made for DJ (One-off payment for best submission)

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Hi all,

I need a logo made for my artwork that will be printed on CD cases, Facebook, T-shirts etc for myself.

I will be going by the name of ' Melophobe ' and would like a modern logo with that DJ name on there.

The layout can be however the designer wishes it to be (Check the 'Mishka Swamp’ T-shirts for an idea of layout) and as for the 'logo' part I would like the creator to use their imagination, could be a speaker, a screwed up cartoon face, NYC skyline, vinyl, whatever!.. The best one wins!

Colour scheme will be mainly darkish purple on a black AND a blank background. If you wish to use a sub colour for bits of detail, use dark green.

To get an idea of the sort of DJ I am and what I’d like it to relate to, search the genre is Dubstep, HEAVY bass and crazy drums, bit of a free spirit from a nasty upbringing, the 'diamond in the dirt' if you like.

As for the money side of things I believe you get what you pay for and I'm not asking for hours upon hours of work on this, just a catchy and professional design, I will discuss with the person that has the best submission on an amount we both agree on it being worth (minimum £50GBP)

Please ask me anything if you have any queries and I will get back to you as soon as I can!


Tom. :icon_smile:

*Please note it is NOT 'DJ Melophobe', just 'Melophobe'*
I'm not asking for hours upon hours of work on this, just a catchy and professional design

A catchy and professional design takes hours upon hours of time I'm afraid. They tend to cost a lot more than £50 too. People on this forum won't submit work for free so you may not get much response to this thread.

You could have a look through here Logos > UK Logo Designers - Graphic Designer Directory (UK), check the portfolios of designers and ask for a quote from the ones who's work you like.
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