Need new motherboard-related questions


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Do OEM computers generally have issues when a motherboard is replaced?

I bought a Dell back in March, and I bought the express service contract too lol…

Now it seems the motherboard was defective. They are supposedly sending a tech by with a replacement.

I think they owe me a totally new machine. I think my machine is a complete lemon

What do you think?

I keep having kernel power errors and the computer constantly flashes on and off. Their remote diagnostic decided I need a new motherboard.

But the dell tech was kind of a doof and mumbled “sometimes when you replace a motherboard other issues spring up”

What was he talking about and how do I argue dell owes me a new computer?
Well, it's still March - so when did you buy it? March this year or last year?

You typically have 12 months within any purchase to return goods if they are defective and get a replacement.

What country are you in? You could contact your consumer rights advocate groups in your country of residence.
Even though the OP has now been banned due to the attempted spam link I will answer the question in case someone else has the same sort of issue.

Do OEM computers generally have issues with replacement motherboards - no more so than non oem, so yes it can happen but not very often.

March to March is 1 year and it seems Dell are replacing the motherboard so they're doing exactly what they've said they'll do.

You are not owed a totally new machine, all the warranty and express service requires them to do is fix the faulty part and they are doing this. I have no idea of the time frames listed by the warranty or experienced by the OP.

Kernel power errors can come from something as 'simple' as a power cut (which is why you should use a UPS) to something more serious like hardware failure. In this case Dell think it's the motherboard which is the issue and it's being replaced.

The Dell tech was not a 'doof' as you put it (honestly the OP is coming across as one though). They most likely have far more first hand experience with the issues that arise than the tech support person you spoke to. In all honesty they likely don't think the motherboard is the actual issue but don't have the freedom to fully diagnose the issue on site meaning they may have to come back again.