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Hello, I have a logo in place for my company but want to change it as i am not happy with it. Only a one man band so don't have a large cash flow, can anyone suggest anyone that designs logo's at a good price?

Low Cost Design

There are plenty of low cost designers available but you do get what you pay for.

I think you should first consider what you think the result will be of having a new logo design. Are you going to use the design for instance?

Logo designs don't work unless you use them - if you use them, they are a way of generating higher profits for your business by using them in brand marketing.

That's the whole purpose of having a logo design - if you don't use them and your brand imagery as part of a marketing strategy, there is no point having one at all. Or no point having a decent one.

If you are going to use it in your marketing - then it's not going to work well for you (generating more sales at a higher value) if your company identity isn't well thought out and professionally designed.

More about that at Free ebook on branding today - all about 'higher profits' through proper identity design.

You may also find this an interesting read; Truly Ace Graphic Design Blog

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I'd be happy to take a look at your design brief. Please email via my site (link below). :)



The offer had actually ended, but I am willing to offer that price to the next 3 customers should anybody else be interested.

This includes this customer should they be interested, instead of the £45 quoted.

Many thanks

Let me know if your still looking for a logo/identity designer, take a look at my portfolio (link in signature) for an idea of the kind of work I produce, bear in mind getting your companies identity right is extremely important!

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If u need a quality logo for your organization u can contact on these sites where u find a fine and quality result and hopefully we won't let u down.check them out and after that u must realize that we only provide nothing but the best.

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John Petrucci
free logo design

I am a graphic designer in bournemouth and i am looking for projects and briefs to undertake for free to use in my portfolio.

Please mail me on [email protected] and let me know what your brief is and i will let u know if i can help..looking for projects over xmas.
Getting your logo upgraded is actually a good idea, but you should know sometimes it’s close to being as good as it can be, and in that case the best option is to renew it with a completely different concept in mind, you could change some more of your corporate image.