Need logo crit (early stages)


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The logos we have here, are all for a club night which will be launching in june. The style of the music played will be percussion mixed with DJ's. I wanted to keep the logo simple and clean. I prefer to do everything in black and white to start off with, though I've always preferred solid black for a logo. Please crit away! ...I know not all of these logo's work. This is by far not my best work...I'm going through a rough patch creativity wise and I need some input on these!

a.) This logo has the focus of the tree shaped symbol inbetween the two words. The Symbol was made out of musical notes, (treble clef, double clef, 8th notes, 16th notes, alto clef, Bass clef etc..) slight variations on the concept shown here aswell. This design I wanted to create a symbol that housed percussion symbols,(as thats one of the themes of the club) but in doing so, creating a slick, fun, symmetric piece combined with the font to create a more contemporary feel to it. the "Ministry of sound" comes to mind.

b.) This logo I wanted to be more playful. The letters "T" and "h" are formed into the logo, the "h" doubling up as a house symbol.

c.) These are more straight forward Ideas, nothing too fancy, they get the name of threehouse across, but not what the threehouse does,. the variation of the piece I tried to build in a music note fixed at the bottom of the "T".

d.) This one yet again is purely playful, using geometric shapes all created in illustrator,the font type usually associated with electro dance music. the variation on this is using a doubled up Bass clef symbol to show the number "3".

e.) This logo is a bit less obvious (have to work that out) of a "T" and "H" the lines leading up into the letters is the top half of the ladder you'd use getting into the treehouse. Im using positive and negative space to my advantage here. Using the name as the rungs on the ladder. the shape of the "T" and "H" closely remembled the opening area into the treehouse I had as a child.

f+g.) The first one is using the alto clef as the "3" and the "House" as a funky style font. The piece below shows the name "The three house" reversed and doubled, to give it the form of a tree. The round shapes around it symbolize the decks and mixer.

h.) This one seems to be the one that my friends like..Im not sure though. One the symbolic shape of the house, there are lots of people throwing their hands in the air, (dancing) which also looks like the branches of a tree. I think the font is wrong which I need to fix.

i.) I'm not sure why I included these, theres something about it I like..though wouldnt be in my top three.

j.) This here is a font I was trying to create from scratch...I know its not working but does anyone suggest how I might make it better?. its mainly just using the music notes as the negative space to the letters.



I know not all of these work like I mentioned, but I thought I'd put them all up, incase someone saw something good in one design that I could try work with etc.

all constructive critism welcome... :)
me myself i like b.) erm..1 (the first image in the b.) section) however maybe with some colour...
I love the colours of i.) 1 (the first image in the i.) section)

I like them really good :icon_smile:
me myself i like b.) erm..1 (the first image in the b.) section) however maybe with some colour...
I love the colours of i.) 1 (the first image in the i.) section)

I like them really good :icon_smile:

The OP will be working in B&W to begin with to get a solid concept and design, only then think of colour. It's the best way to work with logo design, so you are absolutely positive you have a solid design that does not need bells & whistles to stand proud. Plus, a logo will always be needed solid b&w at some point in its lifetime.

To the OP - I like the direction you are headed to in the a section, the others feel more like logos for a much younger audience than clubbers to me, except for i which feels like a digital company of some kind. The patterns you are forming in a are lovely, make me think a bit of ministry of sound, but not in a bad way like it's the same or anything.
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Kind of agree with Artgem1984, however, I disagree with only thinking of colour once B&W concept is done.
A good designer will factor in many things into the overall design even when working in B&W, so colour is in the back of the mind rather than an afterthought. Getting the main concept done in B&W is important and the main reason not to use colour is it draws on emotions and this clouds the judgement of all who look at it, it's essential to stay objective about the logo until the colouring stage.
So colour can play a part, so can reversing out should it be applicable to the logo etc... So I would not dismiss colour as a possible factor to design in at the early stages, the concepts should be done in B&W though as mentioned above.

I think what you have with all of those logos is they are all too elaborate.
b,c,d&i would be great if looking to do this for a childrens site or tv show kind of thing

To me it looks like you need to go back to pencil and paper and focus on 2 or 3 ideas only, you have way too many ideas flowing through here and a lot of them don't seem to be hitting the spot.

Think of ways people would think of your logo from the actual thing it represents, as a nightclub this may also be put into neon or other such signage, compliment slips, biz cards, flyers, the whole works, so you need to also balance that possible aspect too.
Straight away you have 5 main things going on:-
Mixed Percussion
And of course the club itself (styling/decor/ambience/experience/fun/enjoyment)
Club name
Use those as a basis for the logo and I'm sure the ideas will come.
Thanks for all your input guys, I really appreciate it.

Thanks sara, though I think I missed the point with the ones you picked..hehe...I'm still trying ...

I'd agree with everything you've said artgem, and thanks for the feedback :)

To Kev, I' agree too. I have faaar too many concepts (in actuality, I've 3 times as much...only posted this amount :icon_tongue_smilie: )

Im currently working on two other ideas, but they are more refined than those featured here.

for some reason I find doing this sort of a logo very difficult...why?... I dont like obvious logos, either using the symbols of a mic, speakers, records..etc. To me that feels childish and not a strong thought process used.

I dont have alot of experience in logo design (have avoided it up until now) but this is part of an identity project, so I need to have whatever logo I have at the end of the day, fit in with the rest of my pieces, so it has to be open to colour, be fun, exciting and slick....

I'll be saying my prayers for the next month until everything is done :icon_notworthy:

Without reading your post and just looking at the logo's I would say 90% are too busy. The one with the house and the people is getting somewhere. Use some colours, reflections and glazes. Also, some subtle gradients. It needs to pop off the page more.

Good design though!
to be honest the 7th and 8th one down are most suited for a club....there probs the best aswell.....but all of them are g00d
Thanks Cam,

Im currently altering the one I think you mention which has the people with their hands in the air..

Im done with logos...FOREVER! :icon_lol: