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Hi everyone!

I'm really struggling with a brief. I've got a poster to do for a hospital epilepsy campaign, which I'm only charging £48 for(!!!) as I thought it was just a simple image replacement / changing text, but it now turns out they want something a bit different. I have literally spent hours now on this job and am still nowhere near to a solution. This is the poster text:

Help keep epilepsy treatment in our region

A proposed epilepsy services shake-up by NHS England could have a huge impact on local families.
If the current proposals are agreed, there will be nowhere in Yorkshire, the Humber and the North East where children can have epilepsy surgery. The other four regions will each have their own Children's Epilepsy Surgery Service (CESS) and this region is the only one to be left out - despite a population of eight million.
The only way to make sure a service is provided in this region is for families to get involved in the NHS England consultation. Help us to make sure children from six to 19 years old get the quality care they need closer to home. Join our campaign for a North East CESS.
For more information and consultation links visit ............
Consultation closes 18 June.

I just need an idea for a (simple) relevant graphic to go on the poster as the main eye catcher. It is to go in Dr's waiting rooms etc. So probably needs to be something not too conceptual that it goes over people's heads. Any thoughts at all would be much appreciated!!

Thanks so much!!!