Need help with making cut lines for stickers.


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Hey everyone i'm new here and a beginner in "making" stickers.Mainly i just wanna prepare the design (cut lines) and send it to shop to print it.
So,i wanna make the cut line around the design so it doesn't "deep cut" not the whole paper but just the design itself.....
I made that white part around the design following THESE steps in the video,and as far as i understood it needs one more step,adding "cut line" "contour" next to that white background,so it cuts precisely to that white background,is that right?
But i don't know how to add those cut lines now,i'm using Inkscape so is there someone that could explain me on how to do it?
I've done one design that has just this white part around it,from following steps from the video above.
Uradjeno10.pngIt's this one.

And i tried to make the one with those cut lines next to this white background,have i done it right :/?



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You have it correct. Tell the print shop it's Kiss Cut.

That's it.

Always make sure you have the pink line as a spot colour. Name it Kiss Cut.And always set it to overprint.