Need help with a Logo Project.


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Looking for a logo / illustrator expert to help me out on a project or give me advice please. I'm trying to get this Letter T fit in to a circle perfectly around it (inside). I have expanded the T and followed the circle shape, But its not coming out right. What can i do? :icon_confused: Screenshot by Lightshot
I don't quite understand, do you mean you want the t to be perfectly centred inside the circle without any over lapping? i.e. not cutting off parts of the 't'?
yeah, i've done it (the Logo on the left on that screen shot) the T on the right is what i used. But I want to make it neater and clean looking.
It might be easier of you recreate the T to fit inside the circle, rather than trying to bodge it. It doesn't look to me like it was originally intended to be displayed inside a circle, which is why you're having trouble making it look right.
Agree with the above, might be easier to just re-make the letter T from scratch using pen tool (if using photoshop)
Because of the lack of vectors? What do you prefer to use?

Its the lack of vectors mainly. If you produce a logo in Photoshop you would need to create the logo in many different sizes for various different applications or work on one huge file and reduce it down for every application as you cannot scale up without the logo pixelating. Using spot colours in Photoshop is also a bit messy and just adds complications to the process.

Using a vector drawing app like Illustrator you can create one file with extremely small file size and scale to suit any application without worrying about loss of quality.

As an aside, with JPEGs every time you open one and save it, it is compressed a little bit more, and over time the logo will look worse and worse. Thats why occasionally you get a letterhead or see a website with terrible pixelated logos. Use TIFs wherever you can when you need to use bitmap imagery i.e. photos. as they are uncompressed and use vectors for graphical elements like logos, symbols and icons etc.
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