Need help to fit THE in this logo


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Hey designers,
I'm working on this logo right now but unable to fit this THE in this logo. Can somebody suggest me or help me with this?
Lots of thanks and love.


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Does it actually need THE, which is actually already shown in the image (albeit looking like THF).

Also you lose the 'stepped' edges when you reduce the size.


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Remove the words from the logo just leaving the PI and put the name of the company to the right in plain text. This way you now have something you can use at any resolution.


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I too think it would be better without THE, if possible. The text is too small and light.
If you need to have THE, you could have it as THE PRINT in one line and IMPRESSION
below it at the same length. If you have to have the fingerprint, that could be the dot on the eye?


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I'd say there's a little too much going on in that logo with the edge effects, fingerprint, text and sideways "the", so I think you could probably skip a few of them if possible. The segmented Pi with different colors already has so much going on in itself so I think you'd be better off with just that as your logo, and then maybe different text alternatives to be placed to the right or below it depending on size and use.