Need Help on how to achieve this effect


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I am trying to create a image like this, where as i have achieved the level of diagnol images along with their shadows.
But as i have shown arrow on the White bar
Can anyone help me with instructions on how i can achieve this level of neatness and design through photoshop or illustrator?

As far as i can think, this is some sort of solid colour with different appearance, opacity and then with a blurred effect, so that every image has a background that is corresponding to the front colours as well, like if bkg colour is brown the bar colour goes brown too…

It would be great if anyone can help me with the bar thing.



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Yeah you're going to have to explain what exactly it is you want to do a bit better..... the arrow isn't really helping much with what's been written.

If what I think you're wanting to know about is how to do the bar then this is how I'd do it.

The blurred bar is taking the image from behind it to create the colours.

The below needs to be done for each diagonal 'step' in that image.
  1. Copy background image into new layer and make sure new layer is above the original layer
  2. blur the new layer
  3. add subtle noise to new layer - this is optional
  4. add overlay of white or black and adjust opacity to my liking - the blurred section is not 100% opacity, probably about 75%
  5. Crop/mask the blurred layer to fit - this will give the crisp lines.
Once each of the images are done
  1. Add drop shadow to each of the steps.... I'd likely make my own 'gradient layer' for this rather than relying on built in drop shadow.
  2. Add thin white line above and below the blurred section covering the whole width of image - this is likely at about 90% opacity and/or has an overlay being used (play around with which works best).
  3. Add logo via another layer over the top


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2nd time I've seen this request today.

Answer is now default - hire a graphic designer if you can't do it myself.