Need help figuring out how to make a design like this!!!


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I am trying to design a logo and the customer wants an image turned in to something similar to this. I have access to all the Adobe programs. Does anyone know how I can turn an image in to something like this???



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As logo? You have be kidding?

I don't have time to tell you how to do this.

And even if I did I would never recommend as a logo

At best tell the client you cannot do this type of artwork.
At worst find someone who can and outsource to them.

Most importantly tell the client this is an awful idea for a logo. And if you don't know why then walk away from the client and find more suitable design work.

My gut feeling is if you don't know any of this already I don't think you're ready to offer this type of services.


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That one looks a bit too neat for Ai so it's probably a combination of that and Photoshop or similar. You would need something like the grid tool and then envelope distortion
to get that kind of effect. There might be an app out there that can 'turn an image' into something like that.

But as Hank says, you can't make a conventional logo with anything like that amount of detail.


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I’m with Hank on this, you need to be going back to your client and explaining what brand identity is all about. If you do not have the knowledge or experience do this, you should’t really be offering professional services In this area.

Frankly if I had a client who insisted on this kind of thing, I’d walk away and politely tell them that I would be wasting their money and my time. They don’t want professional help, they want someone to realise their own ego. You will, almost certainly, hear that they were great at art in school at some point in the conversation. ‘I wanted to be a designer’ ‘I’m quite good, you know’ etc etc.


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It can be done in illustrator.

But I'd need about 20 hours and at an hourly rate it would blow them out of contention.

I presume they want to pay 50 quid or something