Need feedback on portfolio projects !!!

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ana sapage

New Member
Hi everyone
can you give me feed back on this projects of portfolio if you be so kind?

first one:

second one:

You have some nice work, but there is no context in terms of what problem each piece was trying to solve. Without that, it can only be judged on aesthetics alone.

The first image of the French Bulldog with the floating icons, belies the seriousness of your work.

The resume and explanation of your experience appears To show you have some good experience and yet, the delivery of the work, seems very disjointed as though it has not been put together with the same thought as the work you present, which leaves the viewer to question whether it is all your own work. I am sure it is, but the way you have presented it feels as though you havent made much of an effort.

I assume your goal is to get a job? Do you have a website that fully outlines your work, abilities and experience? That would help enormously. A well-designed site that showcases your work on a project-by-project basis with a brief and a short explanation of how you solved the problem and why you arrived at the solution you did, would make me take you far more seriously. The picture of the dog (I assume yours) feels somewhat unprofessional and certainly put me off at first, to the point where I nearly didn’t scroll further and just rolled my eyes.

You have some good work that deserves to be presented in a way that shows it off to its best.

If I nearly didn’t bother scrolling because of the saccharine dog photo, you risk the same happening with potential employers. You need to make sure you give them reasons to want to scroll and remove obstacles to them doing so.

I’d suggest that you build a competent and comprehensive website. It’s a crowded market out there. You need to stand out and a hastily thrown-together behance page doesn’t do it.

Hope this helps in some small way. Good luck.