Need a graphic designer to study...


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I am a graphic communication student and for my current project I need to choose a graphic designer to study and try to mimic for the rest of the project. I like working with the pen tool to make vector based stuff mainly and my last project was very grungy so I want to stay away from that aspect of design. Can you reccomend a designer to research and mimic? Thanks
I'd suggest heading to the library and sticking your head in some design books, finding work you like and then finding out what influenced the design. This will help you gain more in-depth knowledge of the person who you wish to study.

Also there are plenty of Galleries you could visit and you don't necessarily have to study a Graphic Designer to gain influence.
Also, if it is a Graphic Design that you particularly want to study then you should decide what it is you want to focus on. Typography, Illustration, Layout etc. If it's a person who you wish to study or particular era such as Russian Constructivism, of Swiss Typography.

The world of graphic design is so varied that you should open your mind to all of the possibilities.
It is hard to suggest a Designer, as Toppers said, it is really is down to what areas you like. However, this is just an idea I had from reading your post, but might be nice to add a twist to your project. If you like vector, which to me is very clean and precise, it might be worth choosing a Designer who is the opposite or even worked/s in a different media. That way you can mimic the chosen Designer in terms of thinking process, colours, subjects, specialism, etc but shack it up by adding your vector design style.

For example recreating a Toulouse Lautrec design in a your vector style. I might be barking up the wrong tree but just my pennies worth.

Good Luck!
Or you could choose someone with a very graphic style from the 60's/70's like Milton Glaser - his stuff would be doable with vectors I think.