Natural Home Made Energy Bar labels. Your opinion please!

Domas Balys

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Hey everyone! I'm just about to launch my own home made natural energy bar business. I have got four flavours now and have created these labels for them. The energy bar would be wrapped in visible-through wrapper. Because energy bars will be home made I went for kind of 'retro' design. What do you guys think about this branding? I'm not a graphic designer myself, nowhere near that, so I'd like to ask for your honest opinion about the whole design concept, logo and everything. Thank you!



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I don't think they're too bad considering the fact you've said you're not a designer. Personally I'd do something with the "Made with Love" bit, currently it's a bit ugly. Perhaps you could move "Made" and "Love" into the coloured sections and use an italic font for "with" to break it up and give the whole thing a bit of hierarchy. So it would read "Made with Love"

Something a bit like this but horizontal rather than stacked vertically.
II agree with @Paul Murray, it does look really nice and an extra +1 if your not a designer. The "Made with Love" does seem like it ruins it and I think either using a different font or at least put it in line with the the coloured bars, that might work better. Good Job with the design!
The concept looks great.

I agree with the "made with love" comments.

Just to note - your concept is great but (and I'm not saying that you have done any of these things)

Graphics found on the internet are subject to copyright - even the fist pumping starburst. I don't know where you got it or if you drew it yourself? But just beware that if taken from the Internet it could be subject to copyright.

Any designer worth their salt would be able to draw you a unique fist pump logo with a starburst.

My only real concern with it is the connection to the Soviet propaganda posters.
i bought the fist form fotolia and have removed a lot of details, i drew the rays by myself as well as everything else. the background image of some nut bar is taken from fotolia as a composition image.
It's fine for a composite image.

But be aware that altering a stock image in anyway can still violate it's terms of use, under the license agreement. A lot of people seem to think that altering an image by 75% gives them rights to it - that's just a myth.

I understand though that you will have clear packaging and that image won't be used.

But it's only a word of advice.

Again it looks great. Well done.