My own website where I sell Vector Assets


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Hey, I'm new to the site and also pretty new to graphic design. I'm 18 and have been studying graphic design at home, teaching myself using online resources and this is my graphics website were I sell vector assets. Any feedback or advice on what I could do to improve my website and art would be most appreciated, thanks.

Website: Asset Island
huh, the link works for me. The website URL is www(dot)asset-island(dot)com (don't click, it won't open, type in the URL and it should work, obviously replace the dot text for actual dots). Any feedback or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Link works fine for me.

I think the site looks OK, although I'd personally make the main image box smaller in place of some intro text because people may not realise that they can scroll down and also it's not clear what exactly the site is about (people make their minds up in just a few second whether they want to stick around or not)

Also the on site search engine optimisation is terrible. The title is just the site's name, this should be something descriptive containing keywords e.g. "Download Vector Assets in 2D - Asset Island" (although I'm sure you can do better than that). Also you have no META description which is especially bad in this case as your home page doesn't have any real content either, another reason why a keyword rich intro would be useful.

Use this free online tool to help get your tags sorted: SEO Centro Meta Tag Analyzer

Enter your URL in there and check the results, you can also compare it to some other websites, one example is Thermex Heat Exchangers Thermex Heat Exchangers – Marine, Hydraulic & Industrial Oil Coolers (my day job) where I have spent the last 2 years tweaking and perfecting the on-site SEO to get it as good as it can be.
Hey, thanks for the reply, I will definitely look into SEO and meta data. It's my first website, I'm new to a lot of this stuff, so I really appreciate the help. I made the site in a program called Rapidweaver and it's not the best website builder, so I am currently learning how to use Wordpress and Dreamweaver so I can have more control over everything and hopefully when I redo it I can address the points you made. Thank you for the reply and advice.
Wordpress is good, I'd bet on it being the most popular CMS system there is. I personally use Joomla which is where I made my design blog as I find the back end much better to deal with when you want to make changes.