My online portfolio

Ben Ja Min

Hey lovely people!

For the last little while i have been trying to get my website up and running (constantly changing my ideas held me back for quite awhile)

Anyways, i have now got it up and running as of today and just basically hoping to hear some of your thoughts, if you would be so kind. There are a few changes to text that still need to be done and also the about me page is getting changed and the animations are yet to be uploaded. Apart from that everything is full steam ahead!

Thanks guys!
I like the idea but not sure about the following...

1) Background graphics with the glowing/gradient effects, I would prefer them sharper and cleaner cut.

2) Not sure if the font is too big, just doesn't look right at the moment.

3) Not feeling all the background colours, makes some of the text harsh and difficult to read.

4) Can you not do something with the bottom nav links? Maybe change the image behind them to make them into tabs or something.

Sorry to be negative and I'm not neccesarily right, it's just what I think after having a quick glance.

Your portfolio of work looks good though.

Hope that helps


I new you would be first to reply, Master of all things hog like!

Thanks very much for your input (things i hadn't given much thought about) Always difficult to look at a project after looking at it for hours on end.

Over and out