My name is Craig and i'm an alcoholic

Just kidding... I think. It's not funny I know but man it is hard to know how to introduce yourself to a world of new people especially when you just can't see them! Hopefully because you are reading this the title did attract some curiosity anyway and you will make me welcome.

To get to the point - I'm a 'multi-colour litho printer' by trade, turned print estimator, turned sales exec, turned business development manager, turned principal of a print management business who frantically learnt the programmes to talk on a level with designer clients, turned employer of people, turned partner with designers, turned employer of more people to replace partners... and now working hard to grow Mulberry Square by sharing my experience, knowledge and enthusiasm, in creative, print and internet alongside my colleagues on this forum.

I look forward to meeting you all.

dot design

Great thread title craig, welcome to the forum I'd say "get stuck in" but it looks like you have already.

Good work.