My Interface Looks Different


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I wonder if you can help me. I have been trying to follow an online tutorial to make a Celtic Knot design but I’m having difficulties. I have the latest version of Illustrator and I’m sure the guy who made the tutorial does too (it’s a very recent post), but some of the controls are very different.

Particularly the control strip along the top of the screen looks very different to mine. Can anyone suggest why this might be the case?


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Looks ok to me, I'm on an iMac, looks like he's probably on a MacBook I'm guessing. Are you on a pc?


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Pretty sure it's more a case of rearranging the 'toolbars' so 'path' is along the top rather than down the side (note I don't really use illustrator). I'm assuming you don't mean the mac universal menu bit at the very top.

But as said screenshot would be useful


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If you're missing the control panel altogether then hit Window > Control

Is that what you mean?