My flyer



still needs alot of work I know

but some more feedback would be appreciated

It's a good start, however I would make a few changes.

- The text at the top is too long IMO, I'd take the key parts out and display them another way.
- You're using two different fonts, I'm guessing to differentiate between Wash and Valet, but you also have it in the intro text at the top.
- Things don't line up particularly well either.
People are probably just waiting for you to stop updating it!

There's no price on the Bronze Valet headline. Is this on purpose ie cleaning a Metro/Range Rover doesn't cost the same).
This is ideal as a maintenance valet every week or two. Just a suggestion for the text.
I thought it looked nicer without the picture of the shampooey car.
Should Pre wash be hyphenated?
Tar Removed. Capital R in removed should be lower case.

Other than that very nice, just stop changing it every hour and expect people to comment on a bank holiday weekend!
I agree - the one before you put the soapy Audi on it was getting there. I'd lose the 'film edge' effect around the pics - it looks dated and I'm not seeing the relevance.

And change the asterisks* for proper bullets • (option 8 on a Mac, not sure on a PC).