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Hello everyone, I'm a brand new member. Thought where better than 'graphicdesignforums' to turn to for advice.

Ok, so basically I work for a internet radio station and have been tasked with the job of redeveloping the stations website. The current site was built in Joomla, but we want the new site to be Wordpress.

I was wondering if:

A) how easy is it to transfer the existing URL to the new site if I build it in Wordpress?
B) Can anyone recommended some good plugins to broadcast live video and audio?

Thanks everyone!
Hi and welcome to the forum.

1) Assuming you're not moving servers, there's nothing to transfer. You just take down your old site, put the wordpress site in its place and bob's your aunt fanny. :)

2) The best place to look at plugins is on the WordPress plugin directory. Everything's given a rating so you can quickly see what will and wont work for you.

Good luck
If you are building the new site on another server where it will be ultimately hosted then all you need to do is point the A record at the new ip address when you're ready. If you have to migrate the site you have developed (e.g. locally) on to the live server where the Joomla site used to be then the main thing you have to worry about is all the absolute URLs stored in the database which will be pointing at your local version. I used to follow steps outlined here but one of my developers has just recommended the duplicator.
Ok, well I've set up a deluxe Godaddy account and got myself a bit stuck... The old website ( was created in Joomla, and I want to make a new one for it in wordpress through Godaddy, but I want to keep the original domain name - BUT don't want any long term downtime for the site...

I am a complete newbie with this and really want to learn how to do it without spending loads of money!

Oh, and I don't have the host info for the original site ... what should I do?

Much appreciated everyone.
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..and I want to make a new one for it in wordpress through Godaddy, but I want to keep the original domain name ..

As I said, when you have created new website in Wordpress on Godaddy, login in to your domain hosting and point the domain at the new site. All you need to do is edit the DNS and point A record at ip address of your new GoDaddy deluxe server.
Oh, and I don't have the host info for the original site ... what should I do?

Edge has given you a good method for doing it. I assume that GoDaddy provides some kind of development URL for you to work on the site whilst the other one is still running? Before you start make sure you have access to the DNS settings for the domain at least; - Ridge Radio - Your Local Radio Station

Your other option is to develop your new site locally using WAMP (Windows) or MAMP (Mac) and then upload it all when you are ready to go.
Thanks for the help guys, much appreciated.

Would it be a good idea to build the website first under a new domain like then redirect it to the old after it's complete?
Short answer no - you have hosting on GoDaddy - use that. offers free stripped down sites without ftp access and to get anything like what you would have on a Wordpress install on GoDaddy you would have to upgrade thus negating the point of it. Just follow the advice already posted.
Ok, will do. So it doesn't matter what I call the new site, it will just be redirected to the old one once I have finished it as long as I edit the DNS...

this must be mind meltingly frustrating for you! Thanks for the help.
why dont you miss out the hasstle of using a third party system that you probably will never fully understand and develop your own CMS for the site. If the site is ongoing and will constantly be developed by you, wordpress will just throw up more trouble than its worth. In fact, any CMS that you have not designed your self will. you would be much better starting from scratch, asking what the site needs and doing it that way. If you try to fit a template around your needs then your going to fail.
I couldn't disagree more, based on 13 years of experience of both custom CMS's, open source CMS's and proprietary CMS's. The site would have to be incredibly unique not to be handled by Wordpress (or Drupal, Joomla whatever you pick...). Learning how to configure a Wordpress install is a highly marketable skill apart from anything.
I would run a mile, and further, from a CMS created by one developer. What happens when he moves on? Where is the online support and documentation? Where are all the plugins I can bolt on to immediately add functionality. Where would I be able to recruit developers with experience of it - nowhere!
There would be only TWO REASONs to create a custom CMS and that's 1. to learn how it's done and improve your coding skills but never to offer it for production sites or 2. To lock clients into your own proprietary system so that they can't move the site away from you and get it managed by another company.
I'd have to agree with Edge here. The amount of customers we pick up who have had web designers disappear on them is frightening. At least if they have WP, Joomla, Drupal, Modx or similar then we have a fighting chance of not having to start from scratch!!