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This is a beauty salon (and russian bath) logo and one of backgrounds. And it will be some info in the middle. This is only a hobby and I need to I going the right way? Thank you.
p.s. and i'm sorry for my english..i know it is far from perfect:icon_rolleyes:

test for forum.jpg
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Hi, It doesn't look bad BUT.... the character in the bottom left lets it down. It appears that the 2 illustrations were drawn by 2 different people with the one on the left being a less than successful attempt to copy the style of the other.
I agree that the illustration on the right is far better but the overall the things that strikes me is it just doesn't seem to fit together well as a whole, it's like 3 different parts that don't quite gel. I think perhaps I would work on developing the central (gold) logo a bit - the illustrations, even the better one, are just too much of a different style for me.
Not keen on the capitalised / choice of font for the 'sign'. All just seems temporary / rushed. Not a fan of either I'm afraid.

Curious - why blue & black?
Your second version looks much better, but I would get rid of the blue accents and the "beauty salon" sign that you've clipped on the end. It doesn't look right.

Have a look at the tracking and kerning as the spacing between the letters doesn't look right. Try to simplify the logo a little. There's often the temptation to add more, but simplicity really is best. Perhaps you could keep the "D" elaborate and curly, and have the rest of the word in a nice, matching font without the extras.