My first Logo attempt


I'm trying to upload a logo but I don't seem to be able to do it. The upload image window opens and I manage to upload into that screen but then I can't get any further. How to you attach the image to a message?
Oh I thought I could insert the actual logo. I'll do what you said tho it seems like a whole lot o bother for a measly first attempt of a logo!!
Hi Maddy

Sorry about that, the reason behind this system is that if you just upload the image and we allow it to be stored on our server, if the forum grows we could end up hosting gigs and gigs of users images and hard disk space = money/cost to us. This is normal practice and the same on most forums.

As mentioned, if you need any assistance then do not hesitate to ask :icon_smile:
Right then, here is my first ever attempt at a computer generated logo which I created in Illustrator. I've never used Illustrator (or any other software except Photoshop which I'm currently getting my head round but haven't designed anything in it yet) before so had to look up some tutorials. Constructive criticism most welcome...

I've deleted it to change it!!
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I actually think that for a first attempt with software you have never used that it is very good, I am no logo expert so I am sure somebody will be along with some constructive criticism (if any)

Well done.
Thanks, appreciated your comment. My issue is with the black lettering being too blocky. I need to round off the square edges. Tried downloading a child-like font but didn't manage it so "created" my own!
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