My Drawings/Illustrations

Antony Cameron

New Member
Hey all, I have recently been drawing up some designs to be screen printed and hopefully sold as large prints (a2/a3) and was just hoping for some constructive feedback before doing so.

My drawings are pretty much all geometric based (loosely) with my main subject being the circle and representing the beauty of the circle by altering the way we look at it, and the way it is viewed.

I understand not everyone will consider looking at shapes very fun and would like to see technical skilled illustrations showing the persons skill and patience but hope you all can take a view and give me some tips as to whether you think i could make some money from these, and if its worthwhile to take them to print.


You can view the rest of the work at my Facebook page

If you dont like them dont be afraid to say why, i take all opinions as constructive to help me mature and build my creativity.

Thank you all.
Thanks for the advice, I do prefer to hand draw things rather than quickly jump on illustrator as it gives me more satisfaction having a physical copy from something ive created. plus the possibility of making irreversible mistakes helps my mind stay creative.

I can gain access to screen printing facilities and was going to screen print up just a batch of about 10 or 20 (and have a play about with colour and repetition. , just to see if I could make some spare cash from these. Maybe sell them on the internet over etsy or a big cartel shop.