Music Teacher - Logo Crit Needed

Tony Hardy

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Hi everyone,

I'm busy designing a logo for a friend of my parents and I'm struggling a bit. They kind of have an idea what they want and they just want me to bring it to life.

The logo is for a drum and music educator.

It started out with a sketch by the client;


Thinking I wasn't sure I could make something like that work, I started out down a path of my own, separately.


Which then developed into something a little more contained;


I've sent both of those to the client who responded with that initial sketch and asked me to try something like this;


I just don't feel like it works completely, has anyone got any advice?

To be honest I don't automatically associate your last version with "drum". You could maybe benefit from playing with the 3d tools, rotating and adding a bit of depth (extrude & bevel) to the drum? I think the drumsticks could do with refining a bit too - I'd expect them to be a bit more tapered / finer looking.
To be honest, I hate the last one. It's just the closest to what they want and I have a feeling that's what they're going to go for. The drumsticks do need to be thinner, but, when I make them thinner, against a thicker typeface, it looks horrendous.
It wasn't "crticism mate just observations. I don't much like the last one either FWIW but it is obviously a case of someone having a "brainstorm" and wanting their idea used - unless you come up with an alternative they like you're stuck with their pig-headedness
While i'm at it (lol) I really like the first one; could you maybe look at incorporating drumsticks into the H of Hutchinson? May be a good compromise
While i'm at it (lol) I really like the first one; could you maybe look at incorporating drumsticks into the H of Hutchinson? May be a good compromise

I know, I've been thinking that too, but, I don't know how a straight/hard rigid object will sit with a nice soft type face like that.
I like the second one the best, although it does remind me of a beer bottle lid a bit, rather than a drum.
Second one, possibly with 'drum instruction' or such like added somewhere, though I think the first one would work really well on business cards if it was simplified a bit.
I think I could probably get away with using the first one and the second one as part of one brand identity?
The first one (your first one) is really nice as a logo but the drumsticks are problematic (and the year's wrong!); a cymbal shape like the one at the top of the Gretsch logo would work better but is perhaps not as useful an image as sticks. The second one is also good but - as Paul says - needs some more words, which would also clarify the drum graphic. You could probably do a nice riff on some of the better known bass drum skin designs too (Ringo's Beatles logo, Moon's Who logo, Buddy Rich's initial sheild over two vertical stripes, etc.) but, whatever happens, do try to talk him out of his preferred approach if you can.
yep yep, it would be a shame to waste the first one. Have you thought about replacing the drumsticks in the first one with a smaller version of the last logo? just a thought :)