Moving ASP Website to New Host


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I have a new client who would like to have their ASP website moved to a new hosting package. I have no experience with ASP websites and am unsure of how to go about migrating the site files and database as I assume it's more complex than simply FTP'ing the site to a new location.

Anyone interested in quoting for this, please get in touch ASAP.

Thanks in advance!
Hi There

What version of ASP is it?

If its compatiable with Linux (Chillsoft) then the cost would be £9.99 per month or around £119.88 for the year, we can simply set it up on one of our hosting accounts. Please note our Linux Hosting does not support ASP.NET, MS Access, or MSSQL.

If it is not compatiable with Linux (Chillsoft) then the price is a lot higher around £110.00 per month or £1320.00 for the year we will need to provide you with a dedicated server.

We do not charge setup or migration costs.

Hope this helps.
Thanks for the replies! We already have the hosting capability, I just need someone to physically move the site and (if necessary) configure the database setup.

Thanks again!