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Hi Everybody!

I'm writing this post to introduce myself.

I’m a Polish-born freelance graphic designer and painter living and working in the UK.

With 5 years experience in the gift industry, working on branded and unbranded projects and contributing to product development and advertisements. At present I’m employed as a part-time artworker creating company bulletins and packaging. I combine all of my creative skills and enthusiasm to produce beautiful and colourful work like brochures, business cards, illustrations, stationery designs, logos, invitations, vouchers, packaging, posters, exhibition stands and some website designs.

I graduated in Art Education & Design in Poland in 2002, I speak a number of languages and I do photography for fun. I love typography, fashion and fabrics, traditional pottery & hand made ceramics, wooden sculptures, and iconography and anything creative! I do commisioned oil paintings and mural art.

Visit my website : Monika Cieplinska - Art and Design

I also have my blog: Monika Cieplinska - Ska Design

Fell free to contact me if you have any comments or questions.

Thanks for reading!

Tony Hardy

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There is lots of great information on all of them topics kicking about this forum :)
Hopefully I'll be able to help you out on occassion.