mobile browsing problems


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I have got problem with my website loading on mobile devices. I'm not a pro webdesigner, but i wonder if you could help me.
Website is loading but as soon as i scroll the menu i gone and is impossible to browse.
I think it is because of graphics on the site, but can't realy remove them as the website is my portfolio. I might be wrong though. :icon_Wall:
If you have any suggestions please tell me.
The address id Renata Design | Graphic designer | Cambridge | Home
PS. It was checked on nokia devices in Ovi standard browser as well as miniOpera.
Thanks for any help.
Creating a mobile and iPad versions of website is getting essential nowadays. As we all know that use of iPhones, iPads and other smartphones are rising rapidly. People are feeling more comfortable browsing sites on their mobile phones. If you site is based on WordPress you can install the WPTouch plugin which will create a mobile version website for iPhones and other smartphones.