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Hey, guys, this is about web design, but very general, so I hope it's okay to post here. So, I've been reading about minimalist design. Mostly because in general, I tend to lean toward this style (you should see my room, not to mention clothes), but I also wanted to check the recent trends in web design. I do see that it's recommended in some specific cases, like when building a business or an eCommerce website. Are there more? Honestly, if it was up to me, I would always go for it (I know, I know, not an option). I guess my question is - what's your personal preference when it comes to style?
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I've deleted the links in your post, your post read as spam if I'm being honest.

As to the question... A website, as with all branding, should be designed to suit the person/company while maintaining a consideration for the user experience and the way that they interact.

Just don't do a redesign like the verge just did, it's painful to use.
What Levi said is spot on.

The question of personal preference is almost an academic one for a designer. My personal aesthetic preference is more miles van der rohe than it is Versace. However, this is irrelevant when it comes to client work. As much as you can, you need to remove your ego from the equation and solve the client’s problem for them, which may, or may not, involve a highly decorative solution.

Only for personal work, does that have any relevance whatsoever.
Thank you for your replies. I actually completely agree with both of you, that's why I said "not an option" because a website indeed has to suit the client's needs. And yes, one's personal aesthetic preference is completely irrelevant when it comes to client work. I asked out of curiosity and I guess I should have posted on one of the other forums in the "off-topic" section after all. Oh, and sorry about the links, I tend to do this in general.