Midweight/Senior Designer Required for West Midlands Based Creative Agency

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We are looking to recruit a FULL-TIME Midweight Creative (with ambition to progress) or an established Senior Creative to join our small team based in Halesowen. You must be fully versed in CS, and be used to working on a wide variety of projects from Web Design, through to Design for Print, and Event/Seminar requirements. We are looking for the best, or for someone with the balls to want to be the best. If you think you have something to offer which is a little different, don't mind working as part of a small team, often for long hours, and takes pride in what you deliver then in the first instance then PM me for more info.

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Having "balls" and being taken by the "balls" are two very different things.

Design for print and web design are two very different things.

Don't get a jack of all trades - get a print designer and a web designer.

Both will work nicely together, and you get a much better end product.
Obviously you don't run your own business, at the end of the day any recruitment needs to be within the thresholds of the budget available. Had we an infinite budget, we would have both, plus also someone to make the coffee, answer the phones... My creative director is more than capable of designing for web and print (which most great designers are), plus also is able to produce award winning campaigns, branding, and also makes a great cup of coffee occasionally ! !
If you were making so many award-winning campaigns you would have the budget to hire two people instead of one.

Not trying to rain on your parade, or say anything untoward you - I was actually trying to give you appropriate advice.

I may have overstepped the boundaries on these forums.
We haven't always worked for ourselves, we have worked for some of the largest agencies in the world... Secondly your comment shows that your ignorance to running a business, we are a small team, who care what we produce, care that our clients matter to us... Basically I now wish i haven't bothered posting to this forum, in future i will go down the normal recruitment route. Obviously EVERY creative in the UK is fully employed designing JUST WEBSITES or JUST BRANDS or JUST BROCHURES...

Cant believe i have just ranted... Did i mention that in our small team, we have 30 minute Call of Duty action most days, and today is BIG JOHNS FRIDAY, where we buy the team a Kebab (or alternate option !)
Dear Jon,

I think you are missing Hanks very valid point. Not 'EVERY creative in the UK is fully employed designing JUST WEBSITES or JUST BRANDS or JUST BROCHURES' but the ones that focus more on one side of design (eg. Print), tend to be better in that particular area than a designer that claims to do 'everything.' While it is understandable you have not got the budget to hire both a print designer and a web designer, Hank was simply stating that you would be better off to hire a print designer AND a web designer, as someone that does both usually are in fact weaker in one area or the other.

Problem is, employers these days are looking for the 'perfect designer.' There is no such thing. No one man or woman can be 'the best' at everything, especially two vastly different areas of design that is print and web. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses.

Please don't regret posting on this forum, we are a friendly bunch and appreciate any paid work opportunities that people such as yourself offers. I am sure, if you haven't already, you will getting inquiries about your available position.
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