Matchbox Print Help


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Hi everyone,

I'm new to this forum. I am studing Graphic design and Multimedia in London college as a distance learning so that I always have lots of question how to do something.
I have one assignment which I'm not sure how to do.
This time I need to design a menu and coaster and Matchbox for one of chain resturant.
I don't havr any idea how to make match box or Coaster and where should I print it when I finish my design?! does any one has any idea?

I also have another question. I'm not sure where to print just one or two. I saw in many website online they print bulk?!!! But I need just 1 or 2 print,...
You won't have to print the coaster and matchbox on the right sort of board. You can either make them up from the heaviest board you can print on or stick them onto a sample. If you can't print on card try a local printshop that does digital printing (Prontaprint or Kallkwik type place) they will print 1 or 2.

You are studying design.... so that's the important bit!
I'd print the coaster onto paper then spray mount it to some thick card, or do what dlb suggests and just stick it to a coaster as long as you can't see the original design through your print. For the matchbox it should be easy enough to work out dimensions for making your own. If need be buy one and take it apart so that the two elements are flat sheets then work from that for a template. Print it onto some stiff(ish) card and score, fold and glue. Dead easy.