Marketing for new graphic design company


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Hello Guys,

I Hope you are well and enjoying your life!
I am a new graphic designer, who really in love with design and print and also would like to start a new business for myself. I would like to have some infroamtion about how to promote my company as a graphic design compnay and where can i do that? I will be much appericiated to have your expreinces regarding your first move of your business.

Love U all.:icon_cheers:

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Hello Peter,

Thank you for your respond. I just starting now. I used to work for a guy who was webdesigner and he needed a graphic designer who can do the layouts, business cards, logo and branding for his customers... Now i would like to do it for myself. I would like to target the starup businesses who are looking for people like us. I wonder how I can do this ? How can I target those people or wave my flag and say I am here!

I have few customers but nothing quiet serious..:icon_blushing:

Hello Amir,

I've been targeting this area of the market and have invested a lot of time and money into finding out who these companies are and what they need. The long and short of it is, that they simply cannot afford you and the ones who can are few and far between! Many new businesses are happy to use the companies that charge £7 for 1000 cards because they believe they need quantity over quality and so will never use a professional design service. If you want to try and convince them otherwise then go for it but it's a real losing battle.

You'd be much better off looking at how to target small established businesses who have a budget.