Making NFT art


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Guys, here’s a question. There’s this potential client (exchanged a couple of emails so far) that sent a couple of links of what he wants, nft art of this type. Now, I don’t know anything about nft games/art, so I found a couple of courses on Udemy, but now I’m thinking – am I being crazy? Do I need a special course of some kind for this stuff?


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In the case of graphic design where you're producing the artwork for someone else...

It would go something like this:
  1. Client brief
  2. You do the work
  3. You sell work and the ownership of work/imagery etc to client
  4. They then add the work to an nft store for a fee
  5. Store sells the nft (in theory) for whatever it sells for... this might be less than store
  6. Store/Owner stransfers ownership of work/imagery to purchaser
  7. New owner controls who has access to their purcahse.
  8. Only one person can own each purchase which is where the 'value' comes in - basically it's an exclusive piece of work for one person.
  9. Odds are imagery will end up on the internet regardless....
We basically do steps 1-3 on a normal job although you might not sell complete ownership without increasing the price etc.

In the case of the link it's basically some game companies have cottoned onto the fact that some people are stupid enough to pay huge sums of money for nfts linked to certain games, think custom one owner skins, 'film slides' from movies etc as a 'value add' or another way to make money. It's essentially a money grab using the nft hypetrain..../


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You need to understand what NFTs are in the first place. They are a digital output of any piece of art, like having limited edition prints made from a painting. You have to be able to produce the art in the first place.