Make A PSD Music Player work online


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So ive designed a music player in Photoshop and i need to make it work online, what is the best way... through flash? html? what software... let me know thanks
I'd say HTML5 and javascript nowadays for iWhatever devices.

Ive been looking everywhere for tutorials on how to transform a PSD audio player into HTML5, Javascript, flash etc.. can not find anything, my design isn't just a simple play, fast forward etc.. it has the music time line, album artwork, the buttons changes when you hoover and click etc..

Im really stuck...
Do you know any code at all?

Not really basics of all basics, I've been asked by my manager to have a look for a flash developer or have a crack at it myself... I'm just the designer not coder but the coder we have can not code the music player as it needs to be flash to function, so i thought id have a go at it