Magazine Help - More than one person working on it at a time (InDesign)



We are starting a magazine, and basically i am wondering if it is possible to have more than one person working on the same file at a time in adobe indesign like is it possible to live stream it like Google docs etc ?

Have no personal knowledge of this only that of being warned about a file being already open on a network but you can open as a copy then save back as say "Jon Magazine pp 5-12" then collate it all at the end?
I that going to be the best thing to do? I guess if each individual person has a separate role on each page then it will work out fine. I worked at a magazine publishers and we would split the mag up into sections and worked around with each other like that, e.g. so one person would do food and drink and another would do heritage etc. and the we would swap around when needed.
A magazine I worked on briefly had all of the InDesign files on the internal network, with each double page spread saved as a separate file. People can dive in to different areas, tick off what pages had been done and then collate them all together as a book at the end.
I guess in theory you could do it, but if more than 1 person is working on the same page, not everyone will be working on an original. If someone makes a change and saves it, it wouldn't just automatically change on every other version that's open.