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Hi everyone

This is my first post on here. I'm a student so please bare with me if my questions seem stupid.

A friend of mine has asked me to look at a brochure for his property management company. It's a luxury real estate project abroad and he wants me to let him know if I can revamp the brochure. I'm having trouble starting or knowing where to start. I also can't find any relevant examples online of similar brochures. What should be my approach?

Thank you in advance

The first thing I'd want to do is get hold of a copy of the current brochure and ask what they aim to achieve by revamping it: this will give you a steer on the kind of thing they want to eliminate/introduce/communicate and you can take the discussion from there.
Hi Dave, thanks for your reply.

I have a copy of the current brochure, it's very long and has a lot of text. He doesn't know what he wants from it, except that it should look classy. Are there rules to follow when designing something like this? (I am a student but I'm more self taught in case you're wondering why I haven't learned this in class)


Without seeing the existing brochure it's hard to make suggestions, but I'd start with looking at what can be removed.

Shorten the copy and get to the point quickly. Don't say it in 20 words if 10 will do, etc.

Does it include pictures? If so, are they good quality photographs? If not, get them reshot.

The actual stock the brochure is printed on can add to the 'classiness' of it too, a silky stock for example.

Then there's the colour. Stick to two if you can, and try converting any images to monochrome, using the same colour as your copy.
unsure if this will be any help of you but we have recently just done a lot of printing for a few property companies, If it's any help to you I can send you some samples down in the post and maybe it will allow you to see whats going on etc just hit me up.