Looking for Web 2.0 Designer for company logo

So what you're actually looking for is a branding designer to create you a logo based around the style of existing web 2.0 icons and not a web coder/designer?...

Obviously you have a very fixed idea in your head of how you think this should look but (as with 99% of clients) are unable to communicate those ideas. That's no issue, most designers expect that and know how to extract the right information but you've got to be prepared to accept that we probably know more about branding your business than you do. It's already been pointed out to you in the linked thread, that the web 2.0 look is old hat now and looks very dated so why would you want to market an out dated company? Why not post a brief of what you would like the brand to portray about the company and its services. Any colours and any other points of reference (eg, other brands which you admire/the competition in this market etc). This way, we as designers can sit down and do some research and development based around your business and it's industry rather than just copying an old idea.

If you would like me to provide a quote, I will happily do that but I would like more information on what's actually required first.


I have received a number of PMs regarding the job.

It has been very busy days, I will try to answer your request and introduce myself and the job more in detail.

Please be patient.

Kind Regards,