Looking for some (cheap) help giving existing logo a profesional touch


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I have just started a company called Schedule. It will focus on looking after programmes / schedules for civil engineering projects.

I am the first to admit my artistic side is very limited but have tried with the aid of WordArt and a few shapes to put a logo togetheralthough it is far from anything I would want to put on a business card or website.

With respect to to services the people on this site could offer I now quite like the idea that the concept was mine so am not looking for ideas but for someone to give the logo a professional finish based on the ideas on the attached sheet.

It needs the name SCHEDULE, and the tag line MAKING EVERY DAY COUNT plus the logo which is supposed to be the hands of a clock blurred with movement. I have also added a few Google image’s that better show the look for the logo I am trying for.

I would like it to stay simple as opposed to something more detailed and artistic – something that could still be recognised after being PDF’d at low res and photocopied a few times.

As the title suggests this is a new company with no money so cost is really a big factor.

Let me know if you can help.



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