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Hey everyone,

I work as web design, seo and online marketing consultant on a freelance basis, doing ongoing work for some companies and new website builds for others. My specialty is in search engine optimisation and complex web 2.0, community and ecommerce sites. For most sites i build i work with a designer who i have worked with for years, who is fantastic at graphic design and does all of the layouts/logos/colour schemes etc, then i physically build these and the backend etc. I find this ensures the client gets the best of everything, a slick design with a perfectly functioning and usable website.

The graphic designer i currently use works full time for a graphic design company and does work with me outside of this. Due to a recent promotion he has much less time to work on stuff for me within the timeframes i need. As a result i am currently looking to find a freelance designer who would be interested in working with me ongoing. I would pass the design work for most of my websites to you (for a preagreed price depending on the project) and would hope that you would do the same with regard to any web design/seo build work that you come across. Given i work by myself the prices i bill out at vary quite a lot, so i would be looking to work with someone that is flexible pricewise (i am currently doing an ecommerce site build which is relatively simple for which the design work is being billed at £500 -£1000). Obviously bigger projects would cost more, but i also undertake smaller, simpler websites for people from time to time who do not have big budgets (but do not need anything that complex) and as a result need someone who is prepared to be flexible on price depending on the project.

I would very much like this person to be based in the UK (ideally in London, although this is not essential) and would ideally like a freelancer like me who is available throughout the day (but obviously is not relying on this to be their only work). I would love to hear from anyone that might be interested in a relationship like the one i have described, ideally with samples of previous designs you have done. I am currently redoing my website with my current designer, which should be up soon, after you get in touch can send you links to other sites i have done (and my new site) so you can get an idea of the sort of work involved.

Thanks very much guys, i really hope to hear from some of you soon (and if anyone knows anywhere else they think it might be worth posting this then please do let me know)!

Hi Dave, I have a similar set up with a company I do work for in London, only i'm the designer and the company in London do the building. I'm very interested in working with you. Please take a look at my site and portfolio (link in signature) to see some of the sites i've been involved with. As with you some are more complex than others.

If you see anything that takes your interest, please do drop me a line or call. All details on my site.

Cheers, Rod.
Rod: i've sent you a PM. If anyone else is interested then please do feel free to drop me a private message or reply on here.


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I would love to work with you. I am fantastic at photoshop and typography and whatnot. I am flexible with hours and can handle any form of design project. Enthusiasm is my fuel. My website is under maintainance atm, I felt like giving it a new look, but check it otut anyway. Airwalk Design, Inc - Affordable Web & Graphic Design.

Here are a couple of things I'm working on at the moment: Free Font & Typeface Downloads, Tools, Competitions, Tutorials & Software. & MSM Driving School - London/Kent.

I am perfectly skilled in html and css as well. I make all my websites myself and I don't work with anyone currently.
I'd be very interested in this kind of relationship - I've been looking for someone reliable for ages. I get a fair amount of web work, and it would be good to work with someone who really knows what they're doing on the back end. My background is in graphic design and advertising, so hopefully I could add something to your offering too.

I'm not going to go on about how great I am - take a look at my site and if you like what I do, get back.


Hi Dave, check out Welcome to Pink Wafer, once you have looked at my site, as i know you will like, drop me a line to discuss. 07973435901

Remember there are many so called freelancers out there that dont have the experience & knowledge to help move a company forward.

On another note, I am in a similar position as my Web guy has taken a full time job, so maybe there is some common ground - please email [email protected] to discuss further, there are 5 projects to quote on


Hi There

We are based at the business incubation centre within the grounds of Lincoln University. Our Graphic Designer and Studio Manager - Dan - graduated from Lincoln University who have recently received an award for hosting the best designers worldwide for 2010! This was of course a very welcome surprise and something that I think might be of interest to you.

Being a relatively new company and having partnered with some very reputable local firms I believe that we would most definitely be able to help with your project and within the requirements set by your budget. Choosing Deep In Thought for your project means you will not only be working with one of the best, award winning designers in the world but you will be helping to support a new and growing firm.

I would be keen to chat with you further about your requirements.

In the mean time, feel free to take a look at our portfolio: Big Ideas
Kind Regards from Deep In Thought

e: [email protected]
w: www.deepinthought.co.uk
t: 01522 837245
This is probably a long shot but i feel i can take on the job.
Even though i'm a recent graduate, that doesn't mean i'm crap, If you decide to help boost my life a little then drop by a project for me. would be much appreciated.
Hi Dave

Run my own small business, which is essential me, and do a lot of design work for other companies and developers. I am essentially a designer who outsources the development work, so am perfectly placed to help you with you design needs.

Please if you have tim, take a look at my site at Welcome to Trim Design & Photography, website design Plymouth, graphic design, web, company, advertising, brand, logo, brochure,, and if you fancy talking in more detail, feel free to email or call anytime.

All the best

Lee Dauny
Trim Design