Looking for design help. Credit given.

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Hi Folks,

I am the head of GlobalActsofUnity.com. Please please check us out. I am in the process of developing our YouTube channel GlobalActsofUnity. To see a wee bit of our story watch this video
I am looking for someone to design me opening credits and closing credits (which would include your name) for a regular broadcast on YouTube.

I have included the graphics we have and the our logo etc.

I had thought of the two brothers in black (see the website for story) slowly appearing up the hill in motion and then for the finishing slowly walking down the hill and ending up with the logo. However I am open to suggestions. You are the creators not me that's why I need your help.


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If you haven't please read the below thread to ensure you are following the forum rules in regards to tenders.

Can you confirm if this is a paid job, while I understand this is for a charity most charities generally have budgets for promotional materials.

From a personal perspective I feel it is unfair on designers (and other businesses) to be expected to work for free just because it's for a charity, it should be a choice of the designer to offer to do the work for free or at a reduced rate, not the expectation, especially with work that can be quite time consuming such as an intro/outro for a video.
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