Looking for a printer to do short runs for wedding stationery


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My name is Claire and i run my own stationery business.

I started my small company in 2007 and i currently design and put together wedding stationery, pocket invites, place cards, order of services etc and I'm doing really well.

I do all of my printing in house on my large format inkjet and laser but I feel limited in what I want to do .

I'm considering on using the services of a commercial printer to print out some of my work.
I need to find out about the different types of printing available, thermographic etc, min size of card stock that can be used, types of card stock eg: matt, pearlescent and wether they can do short runs.

If someone can point me in the right direction of a company who is used to printing wedding stationery and may be able to help me that would be fantastic.

I feel like such a small fish in a big pond at the mo and I know not a fat lot about commercial printing.

Anyways blah blah, big hugs in advance, Claire x:icon_notworthy:
Pleased to put my hand up!!!!

If you would like to email me with specs, happy to give you prices. I do short run wedding stationery for 3-4 clients.. on uncoated white and cream stocks as well as coated.


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Hi Claire and welcome to the GDF.

Why don't you put an introduction about yourself in funnily enough, the introductions forum :)

If you have any questions at all about printing then just get them posted in the printing forums, there are plenty of members here who can give you the right answers :icon_thumbup:

For block & foil printing, embossing the master is still at work. Tony Hooper has 45 years experience in graphic productions, but isn't the type to sing from the roof tops about it. Still working in central London, he's just done another run of business cards for us: matt black & satin white block prints onto anthracite stardream stock, no one throws our business cards away!
Email your artwork to Tony c/o [email protected]