Looking for a Logo and cover photo.


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Hello everyone,

All being honest it is my first time asking for help of others on Graphic design.
Reason being is previously I had a few friends that would help me for no charge as it boosts their "personal experience"... Well now they are gone and I need assistance.
So long story cut short I am in the process of re-opening my web hosting services and need a few images, for now.. Nothing too fancy. I like to keep it plain & simple.
Addition to all this I will need the images in all sorts of sizes and some with transparency.

I have attached some images to this thread, as I need it to somewhat relate to these. So please send me a message if you feel you can help me.

Thank you,
Brandon Russell


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Of course it’s paid, haha. Silly question
Not really silly :LOL:
Amount of people that come here looking for something they can't do for free or very little remuneration.

If it's paid can you please let us know what your budget is - either by private message or post it in the forums.