Looking for a Graphic Designer who likes music & knows World geography :)


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Hello! :love::love:

One music forum's song contest host is looking for people who can prepare small banners, song list, maybe a little motion design and final contest results every 2-3 months. For some 5 days (from 29.-2.).

It's desirable but not necessary to know some world geography, regional features, traditions, to like world music and let your creativity fly, as you prepare a different theme each month accoding to the winning country of the previous month (a host country).

Some examples of static design used:


Some examples of dynamic design used:

If you wanna help us with your creativity once in a while or just wanna know what it looks like on that forum, please respond here or in a PM.
I'll just post a video as part of the contest from December: https://vimeo.com/488702252

Thank you!! (y):whistle:;)