Looking for a good Font Collection...


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Hi there,

Wondering if anyone can help please.... I work in a Marketing Dept for a mail order company - our main output is catalogues but we also do a lot of print advertising and more
recently a lot of emarketing and design for social media's such as facebook, twitter etc.

I really need to invest in a decent font collection that is modern, has a nice variety of fonts that we can use across all media and isn't going to need a bank loan to purchase!

It's been years since I really looked at purchasing fonts (obviously we can't just download free fonts for what we need!)

Really just looking for any possible suggestions or advice on here - anyone know of any good collections that would suit - or any good sites I could start with?

Many thanks:)
I'm thinking you mean maybe a cd of different fonts or something like that? I'm not sure that's how people collect fonts these days, it certainly isn't for me. I'd buy a nice font family that you think might see regular use; din isn't a bad shout, you could also look at knockout, helvetica and plenty of others. Then supliment those with some good free fonts (yes they do exist). Just google 'fonts for designers' or something like that. also bebas on dafont is super popular right now, and free.
Hello. One source is from Linotype >Linotype Font Libraries
They sell individual fonts, premium fonts and collections of premium and value ones. Most aren't cheap, but they are the big boys!

I would work work out what tone of voice you are promoting and look at how much copy you are likely to use in your catalogues.
You may get away with one font in a Book/Regular, Bold and and an italic version. But if your catalogue has different 'feels' throughout it then you may need more variety of character and font 'colour'.

Myfonts.com is a great place to browse fonts based on keywords ('playful', 'serious', 'handwritten' etc.) and you can type in your own example copy which will help you.