Looking for a forum theme designer/maybe cofound with me create


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Hi there

I have recently started to create a basic forum based on Special needs children/adults/equipment . This is basically a way to have all information relating to special needs in one area without looking/going to various links constantly one to another. It can be used to get local help from the government. Specialist equipment and details where to get them from, local youth groups and also support from the community meaning members of the public getting involved and helping one another with their day to day struggles. I am new to all this so would like support with the website/forum and how to attract members. Also because of the nature of this forum I don’t think I would be able to make money from this as it’s purely an information and support forum. If your willing to help me along the journey and maybe co-own with me. I’m sure it will be a pleasure working together. Please feel free to ask questions and suggest ideas that you may have regarding this project would be great.

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Hi @Brad.

It's interesting that you want to open a forum for people with special needs. I can see it being useful for them. But also friends, relatives and people working with them. Have you bought a domain name for the forum?