Looking for a font with an arguably bizarre specific requirement

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Hello. I am wondering if by any chance anyone knows of any open access font with a capital K that looks as much as possible as a capital I followed by a C (something like IC or Ic, but obviously without a gap in between).

Sorry if this request is both vague and over-specific...
Obvious question, but have you tried putting an I and a C together and putting it in a font finder?

You may find something but it will probably be some kind of display face or hand-drawn. Can't you make it yourself?
I tried a fond finder, but no luck.

I'm also trying to fontforge it myself by modifying a preexisting font. But I'm absolutely new to it and I suck, so I just can't seem to get it to work. I'll keep trying though.
Ok, I just managed to concoct something half-usable by myself. I'm going to try tweaking it a bit now. Thanks anyway!
I would love to see what you came up with..?

Hah believe me, you wouldn't! I ended up just "unhooking" the < part of the K from the stem (or the "|"), so it looks like both a K and, with a lot of imagination, an I followed by an angular C. It's all part of a trompe l'oeil text I'm working on... I might upload it if I manage to come up with something not so ridiculous-looking. As it is, I'd rather keep it under wraps while I work on it a bit more. Thanks for the interest though!
What's going on here? This thread is from 2020.
If you need help or anything feel free to start a new thread.

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