Looking for a designer to create a Kickstarter Page for a board game

We’re currently looking for a graphic designer to design a Kickstarter page for our upcoming gothic horror themed board game, Damnation: The Gothic Game. Art assets from the game, including animations, will be provided. for an example of the standard we're looking for please see https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/townsfolktussle/townsfolk-tussle.

Previous experience of developing Kickstarter Pages is beneficial, but not essential. This is a remote position, so it’s not necessary for applicants to live in the area.

To apply, please visit: [link removed - Levi, Moderator]
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Very cool - take it's a paying role - we get so many requests for free work! Please let us know.

There's some seriously talented guys around here - best of luck!


Thanks for posting the job opportunity.
I will be glad to assist you in this project.
I have applied by the mentioned link above.


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As the position is filled I've removed the link from the main post so @blacklettergames doesn't get any unnecessary applications.

Feel free to post again if you have any more positions come up :)