Looking for a career change within the media industry - advice?


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It's great to be a part of the forum.

After some ups and downs in my current role for some time, I'd like some advice on a career change

Has anyone moved from media buying (I'm a paid search manager, 4 years exp) to media creative/design?

The two industries have cross over and think logically my way in would be banner ad design or something similar to begin with (having online display platform experience too). I've suppressed my creative urge long enough and think it's time I addressed this properly since leaving this behind after high school. I touched on web design briefly around 4-6 years ago as I attempted to self teach but a couple of non-payments from clients and a then unrelated 9-5 job made things so hard to keep going.

So I'm here determined with a fresh look, Any ideas?

Thanks in advanced